for against the unfair
and extraterrestrial life


The Final Stage Of Metaverse Evolution?

Although varieties of apes came since October 2021, most were mere chimpanzees without any real form or function in the Metaverse.

BUT, The Bored MachineApe are DIFFERENT!

After the research and development of The Bored MachineApe Club (BMAC), we have improved the Apes by mechanization. There are 5000+ apes evolved by BMAC including their wisdom and body.

If the stakes are their life and making their mark on the history - BMAC and The Bored MachineApe are ready.

The results of an evolution millions of years in the making. Bored MachineApe fused the improvement of wisdom, physically and gear.

Not only the Bored MachineApe will fight against the extraterrestrial life, but they will also gather the coins spread across the world for BMAC and their master in order to repay their kindness of upbringing.

Their appearance is obviously beneficial to assist human to recapture the domination of our earth and re-build our urban. The last but not least, kick extraterrestrial life's ass.

As the Bored MachineApe story unfolds, other habitants of the Metaverse could not help to join BMAC for against the unfair and extraterrestrial life. And rebuild our future...


Meet The Artists Taking Their Art Work from the screen of blockbusters into the Metaverse

The Bored MachineApe Club (BMAC) is brought to you by three world-renowned digital artists.

You may not know it, but you’ve probably seen and maybe even admired their work…

As they became the top choice for the most influential media companies across the world.



The project lead author has been the top pick for art industry including 2D and 3D veterans for over 20 years. His/her art work has appeared in front of the public by varies means including movies, TV programs and variety shows. Moreover, his/her work is able to be seen on Netflix and Disney+.



This industry well-known artist has been involved in art production of Hollywood movie for over 15 years.Movies for more than a decade and is focusing on outlook development, texturing and rendering.



Is the visual effects artist behind lots of well-known game like Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarök, etc.


Phase 1: The beginning! 10%

To us, the community comes first. the goal is to make our drop as successful as possible and build the Bored MachineApe Club (BMAC).
We will be working tirelessly with our community to guarantee our varieties of social media platforms are at a high aesthetic standard.

OG exclusive privileges unlocking! 20%

BMAC has lined up with Times Capital, which is a blockchain-related investment and asset management institution. They had actively participated in NFT projects and invested in a number of top NFT projects, including CryptoPunks and Meebits. The Sandbox announced they are working with Hong Kong listed companies such as New World Development (0017.HK), Sun Hung Kai (0086.HK), famous artist Stephen Fung, Times Capital, etc, for the Mega City in the Metaverse of The Sandbox. There are 12m x 12m and 6m x 6m area owned by Time Capital in The Sandbox. The development plan of Times Capital attracting lots of attention in NFT and blockchain market. Our partnership will be disclosed sometime by Times Capital.

While we're working with a high quality artwork for the collection of The Bored MachineApe Club, early members who register to be the whitelist members will be eligible for the exclusive drop before the public sale.

Get reward with your bonus drop for 1 month holding. 40%

Every holder (for more than 1 month) will be eligible to claim a bonus secret airdrop with their own NFT. Physically, Times Capital also manufactures its fashionable personal protective equipments. They have worked with renowned licensors such as The Pokemon Company. For the holders over the 1st month, they will receive masks of the BMAC's NFTs. Stronger loyalty to our NFTs and practical usage is vital for enhancing the demand and add value directly to BMAC.

Funding our first community project. 50%

We are going to launch DAO and contribute 30% of the royalty income to form this DAO. Community members can propose and vote for projects funded by DAO, which the DAO tokens can be obtained by a play-to-earn manner or NFT staking.

We will soon contribute 30% of the sales income to form this DAO and release token for Play-to-Earn purpose. As a member of The Bored MachineApe Club, YOU will also have the opportunity to submit a project idea, and cast your vote on the selected projects.

Be a play-to-earn gamer! 70%

We will launch our game! Development agreement has been signed with VAR Live, a well known VR game development company recognized in Metaverse game market. Trailer will be shown in our official website soon. Play-to-earn elements will be added to the game such that BMAC holders can join the game for playing reward or stake their NFT for lending reward!

The world must know who we are! 100%

Our goal is to be the top 10 NFT projects within a month. To reach our goal, we'll do massive internet marketing campaigns and outdoor advertisements across the world.
Partners showcase

Phase 2: the Metaverse is coming and more! 110%

BMAC will connect to the world through collaboration with Times Capital and land owners to create more value-added content and games in The Sandbox. There is no doubt that BMAC holders will be satisfied in the Metaverse experience.
Once BMAC completes all of the stages in phase 1, phase 2 will begin right after. We believed there is nothing better than showing up as the Bored MachineApe in the Metaverse.
Thus, don't miss the train. stay tuned. Much more is incoming hot…

Once we complete all of the stages in Phase 1, Phase 2 will begin. After all, we believe there is nothing better to have your Bored MachineApe appeared in the Metaverse. Don't miss the train. Stay tuned. Much more is coming…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token. An NFT is basically data that is accounted for
in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specificand unique. An NFT
can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token.

How can I buy Bored MachineApe NFT?

You will be able to buy on our website when we launch.
Join our discord to have more information about our launch date.

How much does it cost to buy one or your Bored MachineApe NFT?

The Price of Minting and Sale will be announced soon.


Not only we are the investors and crypto enthusiasts. But also we are people who pursue the freedom at heart. 💛
GET Bored MachineApes to against the unfair and extraterrestrial life.

We can’t think of a better avatar to use going into the Metaverse. So we create the Bored MachineApes made them future-proof.


Yes, we do have a whitelist that will guarantee you to have 100% of chance to get a Bored MachineApe NFT. The first 100 people who forwarded most participants into the club will be entered the WHITELIST.

⚠️ Pay more attention on our discord community for more information.


Bored MachineApe Club (BMAC) is an NFT project of initially 5,555 NFTs crafted by incognito well-known designers and doctors.

They created the MachineApe aiming against the unfair and extraterrestrial world. MachineApe evolves based on the improvement of wisdom, body and gear. All MachineApe are unique and owned by a person for each.

Nobody could go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new story. When you are writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

Own your Bored MachineApe and
write your own future!